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About Me — How Instagram Design Is Created

Про Меня - Как Создается Дизайн в Инстаграм

About me

Hey! My name is Lera and I want to make the design of your Instagram account attractive and selling.

Instagram design is a new trend in the world of Instagram post and feed design. At the moment, the trend for maintaining Instagram in the same style is just emerging, and very soon we will have a “boom” in this direction.

With me you will not find eye-catching colors, huge bold fonts that do not match with each other, icons that have long gone out of fashion.
Each endless template for instagram is unique, created in a minimalist style with unobtrusive and trendy design elements: geometry, watercolor, marble textures, etc.

My ready-made Instagram templates will not divert attention from your photos and texts, but will only complement and diversify your content.

Templates — What Are They For?

Instagram post templates are a versatile social media design tool that will brighten up your personal Instagram account.

And if you are the administrator of a commercial Instagram profile (shop, showcase, info profile), then Instagram templates in the same style will make your account more “selling”.

What do I mean by “selling” in the context of design? A potential client will be most loyal to you if:
— Having got to your page or clicking on an advertisement, I visually understood where he got to.
— Easy navigation of posts. After all, Instagram templates include text blocks, inscriptions on posts. Each set of templates includes a readable and understandable font.

The universal design of Instagram will make you look at the profile and thus the potential client will stay on your page.

Про Меня - Как Создается Дизайн в Инстаграм
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